A brand new year is upon us. The new year brings in new challenges and new opportunities; what may have worked in web design or logo design in the most recent year won’t necessarily ring true in the following year. Brand building for this purpose can be a difficult task to manage for any business. Trends shape the way companies draft their marketing strategies and the ever-evolving digital landscape means that business owners should stay current.

Technology is constantly evolving, changing and adapting to the needs of its users. Once upon a time, mobile phone’s boasted amusing keyboard layouts to only be displaced by the design of faceless mask of touch screens. It may not have felt too long ago, but so much can change in a span of year. The way society has evolved, it almost dictates companies, especially online creative design companies, that fall behind the times will surely not survive.

Daza Design has compiled four themes that are at the heart of the digital trends shaping the brands of tomorrow.

I. Responsive Design

  • Mobile-friendly is the new medium

Why should you care about mobile responsive design? Well, as the digital publisher, the developer, and the designer, you should care because you want the visitors of your website to have the best experience possible, without forcing them to adapt themselves. Mobile responsive design is all about automatically providing your audience the content they want, within the context that they are viewing it. This makes it easier and more convenient for the visitors to read and navigate your site.

With a responsive web design, you don’t have to worry about having different websites for various devices or making sure that your site runs properly on a mobile device. You should definitely consider going mobile-friendly because if you haven’t noticed, almost everyone is attached to their smartphones.

  • Less is more

Design trends come and go, but some trends are meant to last forever. Minimalism is considered to be one of the trends that won’t be going away for a while, specially for creative services such as web design and print design. Designing for a smaller screen forces content to the forefront of discussion. This does not mean that you simply hide content when space becomes limited. With mobile responsive design, it demands larger imagery and minimalistic text to enhance the user experience.

Developers have control on how they want their content to be displayed on a mobile phone or tablet. Photos work better on mobile devices over wordy descriptions on a scaled web design because they cut to the point faster. While staring at a small, three to four inch device, long paragraphs become hard to read. A better way to go about that issue is by posting a video or a podcast. This will definitely give your users the best experience possible.

II. Enhanced Personalization

  • Customer experience is the biggest competition

It is without a doubt that personalized customer experiences have become a crucial component of a brand’s strategy. We currently receive individualized marketing in the form of specific product recommendations and target advertising campaigns and emails. As current as this trend is, it’s barely scraping the surface. The consumer mindset has shifted and is open for even more personalized experiences.

There are many opportunities for an online creative agency to expand the personalization of their clients’ experiences. Modify your website design, mobile design, and other marketing collateral to enhance the experience by matching your customer’s demographic — by location, age, etc. — and acknowledging new or returning customers. Provide various pricing packages, or plans that are customizable, to give your interested clients a more personal and engaging experience.

III. New Age Content

  • Street journalism is today’s media

Citizen journalism is when non-professionals report information, unlike traditional news organizations that have professional journalists. The information reported by volunteers can take shape in many forms from blogs to podcasts. These communities can certainly include graphic designers, website designers and software developers.

These new media outlets has formidably grown as the online community has served as its platform — competing and even displacing long-standing traditional news outlets. An online design agency such as we, Daza Design, could especially lend voice to citizen journalists to help shape our brand. Street content has the potential to go viral, which is beneficial to any business and for an online design company for that matter.

  • Genuine content builds credibility & loyalty

More importantly, the ability to generate new content is no problem compared to producing genuine and authentic content. Buyers in today’s world are more knowledgable than they have ever been, rarely succumbing to hype marketing tactics. They’re more likely to accept imperfect users reviews that are yet sincere because of the transparency it brings.

Whether it’s web media or print media, ensuring that your content is original and accurate will keep your brand in high-standing amongst customers and potential clients. It’s important to build up your brand’s integrity with high-quality, honest content as this lays the groundwork for the credibility of your brand and a pitch for the loyalty of your customers.

IV. Big Data Analytics

  • Perception is the reality

As an online design service, we understand how first impressions always count. Google has become the “go-to” resource for locating whatever information we need and for validating decisions. The first three pages of your search defines your site’s reputation. It is so easy for people to do a quick search on anyone nowadays that you aren’t even sure what might come up.

In order to enhance your web profile, you must ensure that the first three pages matches up with what you want others to think of you. Try to get involved in the online design community to create cross-references to you and your website. Make sure that you have good content on your website and that it is well-maintained. Hopefully these tips will help create a positive first impression by the search engines.

Daza Design takes these trends seriously because your brand is how customers perceive and experience your services. Since branding services are a part of the resources we offer to clients, we hope to shed insight to anybody who is interested in learning about the current trends. We hope it helps.