The world we live in has progressed to the point where most of our exposure to new things can come from the internet. Technology has become the rallying point for many marketing agencies. With the ability to reach billions of interconnected networks of people, digital marketing has become the primary component of most marketing strategies.

Yet, as ideal as digital marketing may seem, web-surfers have slowly been familiarized with digital marketing that users have trained to ignore and even avoid digital advertisements — plugins such as AdBlock Plus render costly digital ads almost obsolete. Technological innovation has easily discounted how effective word-of-mouth marketing actually is. What makes the marketing tool so profound is its inherent quality of feeling human.

It’s so often that we visit new spots like restaurants and stores because our trusted friends and family recommend it. Sometimes it can be so difficult to ignore the hype that we’re compelled to check out the hot new spot in town — word-of-mouth marketing can be such a powerful marketing tool for your brand, whether your business is an online design company or a quaint coffee shop around the corner.

Daza Design presents you a guide on how to maximize your word-of-mouth marketing by leveraging technology. Although we’ve spoken at length about how technology has taken the human aspect away from marketing and how its direct digital ads aren’t as potent, we believe that technology can be a supplemental tool that intensifies your word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.

  • Identify and focus on your influencers

As it typically starts off in developing marketing strategies, it begins with identifying and targeting your targeted demographic. What differentiates word-of-mouth marketing from common marketing strategies is instead of identifying and targeting your niche market, word-of-mouth marketing focuses on influencers. Otherwise, active users on social media networks and blogs have the potential and ability to promote your brand.

Influencers have the ability to drive action rather than just awareness. Sure, awareness is great for brand exposure, but what we are truly after is action. Consumers today are naturally more skeptical with direct advertisements and are more open to third-party reviews that are seemingly unbiased. Exponential growth awaits any business if they are able to get their influencers talking about their brand. Try acquiring the help of a design agency to help determine which aspects of your brand identity will appeal to influencers.

  • Appeal to their emotions

Now, that you’ve got people — influencers — talking about your brand and business, the next challenge is to stay in the conversation. This challenge is best solved by connecting to your consumer’s emotions. Marketing strategies that effectively pick out which emotions to appeal to can create a strong and profound impact on people. Striking a chord in your customers will fire up your word-of-marketing campaign and lead to increased brand exposure.

Some of the most popular word-of-mouth marketing campaigns are executed to perfection by non-profit organizations trying to bring awareness to their cause. Save the Children is an organization that fights for and protects the rights of children. The charity developed a short 90-second video that depicts the life of a child refugee, hoping for viewers to sympathize with their plight. Connecting to our human emotions, the organization’s shocking video hit close to home and went viral. The word-of-mouth campaign brought necessary awareness to their cause.

  • Embrace their communities

The prefix ‘smart’ is appears ubiquitous nowadays and is attached to everything. Smartphones to smart homes and now, smartwatches are next in the wave of innovative thinking. In this industry, smartwatches such as the FitBit have grown immensely popular as a health tracker for fitness enthusiasts with the ability to measure heart rates, steps, sleep and even flights of stairs.

FitBit’s word-of-mouth marketing campaign has generated a lot of buzz among people, helping the startup business to distinctly standout against its competitors in the health wearables market. FitBit does a great job of actively engaging with their community, which in turn has users doing their word-of-mouth marketing for them.

Their FitForGood challenge was a way for their community to select from three causes and have FitBit users compete by contributing their steps to the cause’s cumulative count. By embracing and engaging their communities with a charitable cause, FitBit generated a ton of buzz for the company’s brand — a successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign, no doubt.

  • Provide exceptional customer service

One of the best ways you can maximize your word-of-mouth marketing is by providing exceptional customer service. It is an understatement when Daza Design says how important and impactful your customer service can be to the customer’s overall experience of your brand. Sometimes, customer service can make or break your consumers’ loyalties to your company.

Zappos, an online retailer, is built upon word-of-mouth marketing. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh explains in this video that the company deliberately budgeted for exceptional customer service at the the expense of traditional and digital advertising. Hsieh expected sales to be driven by word-of-mouth and Zappos successfully generated over $2 billion dollars in sales.

  • Love us or hate us, leave a review!

Whether your consumers hate you or love you, provide a transparent platform for your customers to leave their reviews and recommendations. Creating an open and non-biased  system will help users evaluate the credibility of your brand. Your brand identity must maintain its integrity, and transparency must be its defining quality.

Consumers will appreciate being able to interact with your brand and it also allows fellows users to communicate and connect with each other — perfect for your word-of-mouth campaign. It’s for that same reason Amazon has become the most trusted online retailer, online shoppers have the ability to identify the best and worst products through other users’ reviews.

Word-of-mouth marketing may be one of the oldest methods of advertising, but it can still be a huge driver in brand exposure and awareness. Daza Design can find this form of marketing challenging as an online design agency. Nevertheless, by providing the highest quality of products from our web design services to our print design services — combined with our exceptional customer service — we hope that our clients provide us with the word-of-mouth marketing that will help us serve the world. It is our hope that this g