In the next installment of our series regular, we uncover some of the most talented artists in the design community. As an online design agency, Daza Design has a passion for anything surrounding the arts. Be that as it may, we deliberately feature artists from different disciplines. For our featured artist this week, we learn more about glass artist Satoshi Tomizu.

Have you ever head of the old adage, ‘the world is at your fingertips’? Well, you can quite literally have it in your hands. The Japanese glass artist can give you just that experience with his one-of-a-kind pendants. The space glass art is stunningly beautiful and seemingly carries the cosmos encapsulated within its glass sphere. Tomizu’s space glass each have a loop with its shape which allows people the ability to wear as necklaces or bracelets.

The young glass artist sculpts the tiny glass spheres with mesmerizing galaxies and systems. Within the glass art is a planet made of opal, flecks of gold and trails of different colors to represent the cluster of stars that make up the galaxies. The galactic microcosm inside the glass sphere shifts and turns into an enthralling spectacle at various viewing angles, with each element of the space glass art catching the light in different ways making the galaxy within seemingly come alive.

Tomizu only began his career as a glass artist at the ripe age of 28 and has been honing his craft ever since. In only eight years of working on his craft, the young glass artist has become a very skilled glass virtuoso as evidenced by the assortment of international awards he has won. Most recently, the glass artist won the Atelier Nova Design award — a high honor for Tomizu especially in his native Japan.

It’s with no wonder that such an accomplished young glass artist such as Satoshi Tomizu has been forced to stop taking orders, for his work has become immensely popular! The very excitement and passion that Tomizu’s work generates from his avid followers is the same electric feeling that Daza Design hopes to manifest with our clients.

If there’s one thing that we can all learn from glass artist Satoshi Tomizu is that an innovative and fresh approach to any craft can create a profound effect and affect euphoria in anyone that comes near your art.