FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


We have extensive experience in several industries. A few of the businesses we’ve worked with are in real estate, finance, law, software, marketing, athletics, charity, etc.

Yes, but we offer free online consultations and video meetings via Skype. If you are local in Los Angeles, we can also meet with you in person.

It does not. We are online and remote for your convenience. Most work and feedback is reviewed online, so there are no limitations and restrictions.

We require a 3 day lead time, but there are always exceptions. Some projects can take longer or shorter than others. It really depends on your project requirements. Contact us if we can get you the designs right away.

Yes, we do. We require clients to allow us a minimum of 24 hours to deliver. Any orders to be delivered within 48 hours will be charged the rush delivery fee of $140/hr.

We do not offer printing services. Our services are specific to the design of materials. Our designs can revolve around your printers needs and at times, we can assist you and work directly with your printer of choice.

Throughout the process, we offer several revisions so that you’re not disappointed with the direction of our design. We collaborate with our clients every step of the way to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We allow additional revisions for a fee.


We require a 50% down payment prior to commencing work on your project. The remaining payment will be required at project completion.

Your down payment covers our startup costs. It also includes the initiation of the project to the 1st draft of designs.

Our rate changes depending on the type of service and current demand of work. Our minimum hourly rate starts at $45/hr. Our rate is billed with a 15 minute minimum in 15 minute increments. We offer special pricing for nonprofit and charity organizations.

We accept numerous forms of payment. While we don’t accept checks, we gratuitously accept PayPal, credit cards and cash.

Yes, our discounts for nonprofits are dependent on the scale and complexity of the project. Our discount rates are flexible.

Web Services

The transition process can be done easily. We have a list of web hosts that we recommend. We discuss your options during the project phases.

Yes, of course. It will depend on the details of your website and your requirements.

Not necessarily, usually web maintenance is required unless you can maintain the site on your end. Web maintenance ensures that your website continues to function as smoothly as possible. It must be regularly maintained and updated to ensure security and performance standards are being met.

We do not offer web hosting services. However, during the collaborative process, we will present you a list of recommended web hosts.

Web maintenance is concerned with many things about your website: security checking, software updates, website backups, content editing, website updates, etc. Regular web maintenance ensures your site runs smoothly and less vulnerable to hacks.

Yes. A dated website can lead to high bounce rates, which means less customers and thus low revenue. In contrast, a redesign can reenergize your brand.

We first require 50% down payment and begin our creative solutions process in the following five phases:

  • Exploration – Our chance to learn more about you and what your project requires.
  • Creativity – This is when we brainstorm for solutions to fulfill your needs.
  • Design & Development – Time to get our hands dirty! We’ll be mocking up designs and sharing you iterations of our creative solutions until you are satisfied.
  • Celebration – We’re almost there! Now we need to test your new website and make sure all is running well.
  • Launch – Yes! It’s time for you to enjoy newfound success!

This truly depends on the clarity of the images and their relevance to the overall design of the brand/website. If it is, then we encourage it. If not, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Our clients typically do provide us with the text content, but we also offer copywriting services if you need it. Additional rates will apply.

Print Services

Yes, but included in our services is communicating with your printer for free. Making sure that the design is implemented and executed correctly.

At this current time, we do not provide in-house printing services. But we can recommend you to other printing services if you also do not have your own in-house printers.

We guarantee that our print design will be to your satisfaction. We ensure this by providing all necessary print materials and files needed for print production.

Yes, we do that for free! We want to ensure that your print collateral comes out just as you expect it to.

Our clients typically do provide us with the text content, but we also offer copywriting services if you need it. Additional rates will apply.

Brand, Identity & Logo Services

Logos help businesses convey who their brand and services in the quickest and most efficient way possible. The ideal logo builds recognition of a company and its brand – developing awareness of the company. If done correctly, your logo makes sure that your business resonates with its customers.

You! We transfer all rights to you once we’ve completed your logo design.

We start as soon as we receive the 50% down payment. We contact you right away and will begin the design process shortly after that. You will receive the first draft of concept designs and from there, we expand on your design choice.

Yes, we pride ourselves in including a style guide and brand guidelines. We include several components that are essential in the application of your logo.

We include several rounds of revisions throughout all our design projects. This allows you to have control over the design process and expand on your vision for your logo design.

Not necessarily. Your stationary is a big component of your business, and is usually the first material your customers see. This interaction is very important for increased business. A properly and effectively designed stationary set can boost your revenue exponentially.