Maximize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The world we live in has progressed to the point where most of our exposure to new things can come from the internet. Technology has become the rallying point for many marketing agencies. With the ability to reach billions of interconnected networks of people, digital marketing has become the primary component [...]

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What is Design Thinking?

Source: Carney, Sandoe & Associate's Design thinking is all the rage in today’s world. The term itself may imply that its application is relevant only amongst designers, but design thinking has become a popular, emerging concept in the corporate world. So what exactly is design thinking? By definition, decision thinking is [...]

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Digital Branding Trends

A brand new year is upon us. The new year brings in new challenges and new opportunities; what may have worked in web design or logo design in the most recent year won’t necessarily ring true in the following year. Brand building for this purpose can be a difficult task to manage for [...]

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E-commerce Design Trends for 2016

With the advent of online shopping, traditional stores have been forced to close up shop. Brick-and-mortar businesses have struggled to compete with the convenient and comfortable nature of e-commerce. Virtual merchants like the tech-giant Amazon has earned itself a substantive marketshare of various industries and has displaced [...]

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Responsive Branding

The great Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit”. We are what we do and consistently performing the same feats will eventually form habits. For what is the man who paints everyday if not a painter? It can then be applied to our workspace, [...]

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Some of the Most Iconic Logos and How Much They Cost

Companies invest into their brand identity, they hire professional design agencies to conceptualize and create, sometimes overhaul, their iconic logos. It’s important that every company carefully invests their time and money into the logo design process. Logos, as a part of their brand identity, are a tool that allows companies to reflect who they are [...]

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Tips to Improve User Experience

The key to a successful web and user interface design is to make an everlasting impression, eventually converting visitors into loyal viewers of the website. Impressing first-time audience members can be tricky and is dependent on a host of factors, many that are reliant upon the peculiarities and nuances amongst customers. However, there is an [...]

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7 Tips on How to Design the Best Logo

Your logo is instrumental to your company’s identity; it is a crucial part of business marketing. Your logo design should welcome your customers to connect to your brand on a personal level. Your logo fits where words cannot. A logo that is both impactful and meaningful to your consumers will resonate on a deeper level [...]

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Six Steps for a Successful Social Media Strategy

In web design, it’s important to create content on a daily basis to drive web traffic. Sure you can spend a lavish sum on ad dollars to boost your marketing efforts, but it’s sometimes unrealistic for some who are on a tighter budget. Hence why it has become of vital importance that any effectual marketing [...]

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5 Tips to Create Effective Infographics

Ever since traditional marketing went out of style, there’s a hot new model around the corner that everybody and their mothers are going crazy about. Ask marketing teams about who the talk of the town is and you’ll surely come away with various descriptions. Although the little marvel is new to the scene, it isn’t [...]

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