What is Design Thinking?

Source: Carney, Sandoe & Associate's Design thinking is all the rage in today’s world. The term itself may imply that its application is relevant only amongst designers, but design thinking has become a popular, emerging concept in the corporate world. So what exactly is design thinking? By definition, decision thinking is [...]

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7 Tips on How to Design the Best Logo

Your logo is instrumental to your company’s identity; it is a crucial part of business marketing. Your logo design should welcome your customers to connect to your brand on a personal level. Your logo fits where words cannot. A logo that is both impactful and meaningful to your consumers will resonate on a deeper level [...]

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5 Tips to Create Effective Infographics

Ever since traditional marketing went out of style, there’s a hot new model around the corner that everybody and their mothers are going crazy about. Ask marketing teams about who the talk of the town is and you’ll surely come away with various descriptions. Although the little marvel is new to the scene, it isn’t [...]

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7 Digital Marketing Trends of the Future

Over the past decade, digital marketing has evolved and will continue to do so with the rapid pace of technological improvement. The current generation that grows along with it, commonly referred to as “Millennials”,  will have marketers drum up new marketing strategies that focus and target on this group of tech-savvy individuals. As mentioned, digital [...]

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