Create an Effective Mobile Web Design

Source: Cyber Sushi Design Mobile web design has evolved exponentially in recent years with the advent of smartphones. Recent web traffic trends have shown that there has been a mass migration of desktop users to mobile devices as their platform of choice. The growing mobile user base has forced web design [...]

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Six Steps for a Successful Social Media Strategy

In web design, it’s important to create content on a daily basis to drive web traffic. Sure you can spend a lavish sum on ad dollars to boost your marketing efforts, but it’s sometimes unrealistic for some who are on a tighter budget. Hence why it has become of vital importance that any effectual marketing [...]

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5 Tips to Create Effective Infographics

Ever since traditional marketing went out of style, there’s a hot new model around the corner that everybody and their mothers are going crazy about. Ask marketing teams about who the talk of the town is and you’ll surely come away with various descriptions. Although the little marvel is new to the scene, it isn’t [...]

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Best WordPress Design Practices

Have you always wanted to build websites? Are you a web developer? Chances are that you’ve come across Wordpress and the content management system (CMS) has become your platform of choice. Ideally, you would luckily have a team of experienced designers and front-end developers to work on the various aspects of web development. However, this [...]

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Renowned Photographer Rodney Smith

Every so often, Daza Design surveils the design community for some of the most inspiring artists. Today’s feature will break away from our typical web design or logo design conversation. As an online design company with a hunger to learn the many facets of design, we dive into the world of photography. We’ve all heard [...]

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White Space in UX Design

Proficient visual artists understand the importance of taking advantage of negative space, empty areas that accentuate the actual subject, which the designer wishes to feature. Negative space can be compared to an artist’s white space that features their artwork. The minimalistic environment that pervades the scene only serves to bring attention to the accompanying art [...]

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Hidden Meanings Behind 10 Popular Logos

No matter where we are or what we do, they surround us. When we dress up, when we do our groceries, when we flip the television on — they surround us. At home, at work and on the road, we will inevitably come across a multitude of logos. They’re everywhere. However, there is more to [...]

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Continuous Lines by Tattoo Artist Mo Ganji

Iranian-born tattoo artist Mo Ganji explains that it is “[his] goal to create simple images with a strong impact” — words that reflect the life of an unassuming man from humble beginnings, a man who has grown to make a profound impact on his community and the world. In an interview with tattrx, we are allowed [...]

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Art That Makes You Think

Many times we've stumbled upon art and wondered what the artist's intentions were or why they did it. Well, here is your lucky day. Pawel Kuczynski, a brave and witty artist, reveals the true realities of the world.  After winning over hundreds of prizes and awards, Pawel has been the perfect person to weave satire into [...]

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Single Stroke Dragon Paintings

A studio in Japan named Kousyuuya, has four generations of artists that have perfected the skill of “Hitofude Ryuu.” This type of art demonstrates the artists ability to paint dragons with one stroke. The artist begins by painting the dragon’s head, then continues to the body with only one stroke. The artist pauses and turns the brush [...]

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