Every so often, Daza Design surveils the design community for some of the most inspiring artists. Today’s feature will break away from our typical web design or logo design conversation. As an online design company with a hunger to learn the many facets of design, we dive into the world of photography.

We’ve all heard this overused cliché —  “a picture is worth a thousand words” — at one point or another. The thought process behind this idiom refers to the idea that a complex notion can be expressed by a single still image or that the description accompanying the photograph fails to capture the essence of the image. Hence perhaps it is why renowned New York-based photographer Rodney Smith has not once failed to seize the attention of others throughout his 45-year career.

Over the span of Smith’s remarkable career, the photographer has been known to balance the sensational with the whimsical. The creativity of his portraits juxtaposes classically suited characters against unconventional locales. Much of the famed photographer’s photography work contains beautiful contemporary color pieces along with his critically acclaimed black and white still photographs.

For aspiring photographers, visual artists and designers, Rodney Smith’s impeccable standards for excellence can be applied as a barometer for one’s success. It then becomes of particular interest the creative thought process or conventions that Smith adheres to. In an interview with My Modern Met, Smith explains his set of guiding principles that he aligns his work’s passions — his photography work has gone on to produce a portfolio of legendary proportions.

“To try to speak the most privately; to expose my most intimate feelings, thoughts, and anxieties. That way I always know I am speaking the smallest, most private truth. If I can do that, if I can speak with a small truth, then that is the most a small person in a very large world can ever hope to do.”

Truly the multifaceted artist that he is, Rodney Smith has taught at Yale and the photographer has also consulted for a number of publications such Esquire, Vanity Fair and the New York Times Magazine. He has also consulted and worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and department stores like Neiman Marcus. These dealings with various titans of different industries provide a microcosm for Smith’s greatest work, his photography connects all people from different walks of life. As an online design agency, we push to make the same connections with our work.

What’s the next step in Rodney Smith’s illustrious career? The photographer is working on what he calls one of the most ambitious and comprehensive book he will have ever produced. RODNEY SMITH, will feature over 175 of Rodney Smith’s finest still portraits. Be sure to order what will surely be a great coffee table book and a dive deep into Rodney Smith masterful photography.

Daza Design celebrates Rodney Smith’s illustrious career. Any aspiring artist — whether a photographer, an illustrator or a graphic designer — Smith’s accomplishments set the golden standard in the design community.