It is argued that in todays design world we are constantly looking at new digital designs and products. That said, artist Eric Standley gives us a breathe of fresh air by revolutionizing paper art. The associate professor of studio art at Virginia Tech gives something as simple as paper a new dimension – depth, color, design and a final piece guaranteed to take your breathe away. By taking inspiration from Gothic and Islamic architecture, Standley gives us 3D sculptures that mirror creations such as stain-glass windows and ornate ornaments using laser cutting technology.

Eric Standley began his journey of paper art in 2006, when his own research became his inspiration. He has commented that “It was the seemingly infinite detail that I was interested in. This was evidence of faith extending human capabilities to extraordinary originality. I like evidence of impossibilities surpassed.” Looking at these outstanding works of art, it is clear to see why his astonishing work is being exhibited across America in all their glory.