3D Printing has just been projected into your home with the new Lix 3D Pen. The idea of creating a free form structure with a pen has been around for a few years and there have been several attempts to make it work. Finally, the first 3D printing pen that actually feels and acts like a normal pen is about to hit the shelves.

Like many attempts at portable 3D printers, the Lix 3D pen uses the process of feeding and heating plastic in order to bring your imagination to life. The Lix 3D pen boasts; a small convenient size, light weight, noiseless, extreme portability, beautiful design and aluminum body.

From ornaments and wall art to t-shirts and keepsakes, the Lix 3D pen really is the artist’s new best friend. Every pen stroke you make will now form in front of your eyes. With a plug in UBS power connection and an optimum temperature reached in less than 1 minute, this device is slick and efficient. Although 3D printers will still dominate the market and industry, this revolutionary tool brings the future of design and production to a designer’s doorstep. You can check it out at www.lixpen.com.