No matter where we are or what we do, they surround us. When we dress up, when we do our groceries, when we flip the television on — they surround us. At home, at work and on the road, we will inevitably come across a multitude of logos. They’re everywhere.

However, there is more to logos than first meets the eye. These logo designs convey dual meanings, either to express the nature of the company’s business or as an ingenious visual depiction of the brand’s name. There is history ready to be discovered and bring meaning to these classic logos.

Below are some of the most famous logos, some maybe a bit more unfamiliar, but altogether wondrous works of art. Dive deep and discover more about these logos.




NBC – NBC’s classic peacock logo was in development during the transition period from black and white televisions to the current iteration of color televisions. Their slogan at the time, “Proud as a Peacock”, signified the production company’s commitment to color television. The varying colored feathers are a representation of the company’s six divisions.




Amazon – When you think of online shopping, chances are one of the first companies that come to mind is The online retailer is a pioneer when it comes to e-commerce and is a behemoth in its industry; its logo confidently displays that. At first glance, you’ll perhaps notice the arrow below points from ‘a’ to ‘z’, this implies that Amazon sells everything from a to z. Yet, notice how the arrow resembles that of a smile, alluding to the satisfaction customers have when shopping on Amazon.




Tostitos – Ever craved for a satisfying bowl of tortilla chips and salsa? Odds are you’ve rushed your local grocery and quickly grabbed a bag of Tostitos without examining the logo on that tortilla bag. The ‘tit’ in the middle of the brand’s name resembles two people sharing a tortilla chip over what looks like a bowl of salsa — a clever way to express the fun and social nature of the snack.




Cisco – The worldwide leader in information technology, Cisco is named after the city of San Francisco in which their national headquarters is situated. The design above the company name resembles two things, an electromagnetic wave and the Golden Gate Bridge, an homage to San Francisco.




Toblerone – The legendary chocolatier, Toblerone, made triangular honey and almond nougats a staple of Switzerland. Hence it’s fitting that the Matterhorn Mountain is represented above the company’s name. However, if you examine the mountain closely, you can see an outline of a bear; exemplifying the distinct honey found in the chocolates and an ode to the ‘City of Bears’, where the chocolates are manufactured.




Le Tour de France – the prestigious annual bicycle race held in France, the Tour de France’s logo design is very creative. If you examine the ‘our’ of Tour, it mirrors a competitor on his bicycle. The two ‘o’s’ are the bicycle’s wheels and the ‘r’ is the cyclist. The second ‘o’ shaded yellow is not coincidental, it represents the sun because the event is primarily only held during the day.




Beats – the recent Apple acquisition, Beats, known for its fashionable headphones has a simple yet elegant brand design. The logo to the left of the company’s name is a ‘b’ encapsulated by a circle. The circle illustrates a person and the ‘b’ represents the company’s headphones. Beats’ engaging logo design allows music enthusiasts to envision how they would appear with their trendy audio products.




adidas – adidas is a popular German sports apparel and shoe company that was creatively named as a derivative of founder Adi Dassler’s name. In the current iteration of the company’s logo, the three stripes are staggered to create a resemblance of a mountain. The mountain represents the challenges adidas athletes will conquer.




Baskin Robbins – The class ice cream chain, Baskin Robbins boasts innumerable flavors of ice cream. How many? 31! The ‘BR’ in the center of the logo design highlights this fact in purple. The design is spirited and pleasing, much like how we feel after a scoop or two from Baskin Robbins.




FedEx – One of the world’s premiere shipping companies, FedEx has one of the most timeless logos. Could another company get away with using purple and orange as its primary colors? It’s highly unlikely. However, what makes FedEx truly special is the their use of negative space. Notice the ‘e’ and the ‘x’, the negative space in between forms an arrow. This arrow symbolizes FedEx’s mission to move forward with speed and precision, just as how your safely kept packages arrive in a timely fashion.