Coffee Cups with EmotionIn today’s world we are constantly using social networking to tell the world what our current mood for today is. Three creatives from ‘Backbone Design Studio’ have taken this to a new level by giving us a coffee cup that shows your emotion to all those around you.

Art Director, Stepan Azaryan, Graphic Designer, Karen Gevorgyan and Illustrator, Narine Manvelyan have collaborated in order to give us a swiveling takeaway coffee cup. Each cup features a playful character, all with the ability to show happy through cheeky, to ‘having a bad day’, simply by turning the top to your chosen emotion.

These playful coffee cups show off the unique and creative side to Narine Manvelyan’s illustrative style, with every cheeky character.  Azaryan, Gevorgyan and Manvelyan have not only supplied designers with their much needed caffeine boost everyday, but they also come with a helpful shot of design inspiration.

These mood changing cups can be found at Gawatt, Yerevan and are guaranteed to change your frown upside down. Show the world your mood today.