Many times we’ve stumbled upon art and wondered what the artist’s intentions were or why they did it. Well, here is your lucky day. Pawel Kuczynski, a brave and witty artist, reveals the true realities of the world.  After winning over hundreds of prizes and awards, Pawel has been the perfect person to weave satire into his drawings. A second of staring will please your senses, a few seconds more and you will be exposed to the grim realities of our modern world.

Pawel illustrates pictures that describe almost any subject, from climate change to the realities of war to political corruptions of today.  His goal is to give his viewers a new perspective on the world. A perspective that may not be the prettiest, but one that challenges people to think and ponder.

To see more of his work or purchase a piece of creative history, you can go to his online store by clicking here.