Ever since traditional marketing went out of style, there’s a hot new model around the corner that everybody and their mothers are going crazy about. Ask marketing teams about who the talk of the town is and you’ll surely come away with various descriptions. Although the little marvel is new to the scene, it isn’t another fad. Infographics are the craze today, the wave of the future and its here to stay.

Consumers are no longer concerned about your company’s products or services. People ignore print advertisements, skip through television commercials on their DVRs and have even learned how to ignore web ads — traditional marketing is slowly dying. Instead of advertising directly to the consumer about your company, it’s time to educate your customers and make your buyers intelligent; infographics are a great way to do just that. The fundamental concept of content strategy is the art of conveying to your prospects without selling, with the belief that delivering consistent and valuable information will ultimately reward your business with loyal consumers. Great content marketing makes your patrons think, act, and behave differently.

Leading content marketers deploy a great number of deliverables that boost brand exposure. Infographics is a leading example of content marketing, they are the love children of a marriage between text content and graphic content. This content marketing tool is fun, engaging, and educating because of its visual nature. Typically easy to digest and therefore easy to share, its ability to go viral and bring your business more brand exposure is even greater.

Here are some of the ways to create some wonderful infographic campaigns…

Act as though your infographic is your product

Many times over, businesses tell their marketing agents to mock up infographics about their companies. Again, we’re talking about content marketing. Infographics that sell the audience about the company is no different from traditional marketing and we’ve discussed that the marketing strategy is riding off into the sunset — for good reason, too.

Infographics, in the content marketing environment, educates your audience. They sell learning. You want your customer to stop, think about it and hopefully change their behavior with their newfound knowledge. Once a buyer is more knowledgable, the prospect will hopefully trust in your brand and bring you their loyal business. In a sense, your infographic is your product and that’s what you’re selling to your customers.

Influence your audience’s emotions with the right colors

Just like any form of art work, certain color palettes can stimulate compelling emotions in your audience. This infographic in the upcoming, aptly named the Psychology of Colours, is a great resource from The Economic Times to help you determine which colors are appropriate for the emotional state you want to manipulate in your audience.

In the next example to help illustrate this point, the infographic above (from the Print Blog) masterfully crafts the different greens and browns to create the feelings of warmth from the outdoor forest and a sense of fertility from mother nature. The emotional atmosphere created by the blend of these suitable colors make the reader more receptive to the content of the infographic.

Promote your infographics

It probably goes without saying that your creative content team’s efforts will be wasted if your creative marketing strategy is executed proper support. Online digital media marketing have very low costs and you should capitalize on this for bigger returns on investment (ROI). Try visiting an infographic directory site such as Visually to list and promote your infographic. Sites such as Visually have a massive online following from dedicated graphic designers all over the world. It’s not a bad first step in attracting some attention towards your content marketing tool.

There’s also the “power of social media”. It’s free! Post your infographic on social media websites like Pinterest or Tumblr to help increase the viral-ability of your infographic. The goal is to have it spread like wildfire!

Spend some ad dollars on those infographics

Maybe your efforts on social media websites or infographic directories hasn’t let your infographic charge right out of the gates. Perhaps you have a couple bundles of cash waiting under your bed for just this moment; it would certainly supplement your hard work by spending some ad dollars to help boost your infographic reach.

Ad dollars are accompanied by analytic tools to help you see how far and wide-reaching your infographic has cast its net. The result will be increased traction into the pockets of the internet that you would not have otherwise reached. This should help ease your worries a little. And if you’re a bit on the frugal side of the coin, remember the old adage: “You must spend money to make money”.

The are other opportunities to gain more exposure for infographics

Throughout life, you’ve probably learned from your parents that networking is a huge component in a success career. Content marketing is no different. The name of the game is to reach as many people as you can. The big caveat? How can you maximize your reach? Networking.

In an era where self-expression is valued, blogging has become a staple of the internet. It is another niche of the internet that you can push your content marketing through. Bloggers have a respectable following from the low thousands to the hundreds of thousands. Consider pitching your infographic to bloggers for them to feature, this will produce something similar to the word-of-mouth phenomenon. Before you know it, you can finally utter the v-word, your infographic has gone viral.

Content marketing is here to stay and will be a driving force in marketing strategies for the foreseeable future. Design thoughtful and provoking infographics to boost brand exposure and reap the benefits of a viral content marketing campaign. There are many other content marketing tools at your disposal, you only have to be creative.

Just like how you choose your favorite pizza, the content matters. Share information, gain an audience.