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White Space in UX Design

Proficient visual artists understand the importance of taking advantage of negative space, empty areas that accentuate the actual subject, which the designer wishes to feature. Negative space can be compared to an artist’s white space that features their artwork. The minimalistic environment that pervades the scene only serves to bring attention to the accompanying art [...]

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7 Digital Marketing Trends of the Future

Over the past decade, digital marketing has evolved and will continue to do so with the rapid pace of technological improvement. The current generation that grows along with it, commonly referred to as “Millennials”,  will have marketers drum up new marketing strategies that focus and target on this group of tech-savvy individuals. As mentioned, digital [...]

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Hidden Meanings Behind 10 Popular Logos

No matter where we are or what we do, they surround us. When we dress up, when we do our groceries, when we flip the television on — they surround us. At home, at work and on the road, we will inevitably come across a multitude of logos. They’re everywhere. However, there is more to [...]

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Continuous Lines by Tattoo Artist Mo Ganji

Iranian-born tattoo artist Mo Ganji explains that it is “[his] goal to create simple images with a strong impact” — words that reflect the life of an unassuming man from humble beginnings, a man who has grown to make a profound impact on his community and the world. In an interview with tattrx, we are allowed [...]

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