Every so often, Daza Design surveils the design community for some of the most curious artists. Today’s feature will break away from our typical web design or print design conversation. As an online design agency with a hunger to learn the many facets of design, we now take this series of artists and dive into the world of sculptures.

Based out of Beijing, sculpture artist Zheng Lu has quickly become recognized as a Chinese avant-garde. Zheng Lu, born in 1978, began his career the Lu Xun Fine Art Academy and transition to Beijing’s prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts. With his decade of training and studies, Zheng Lu has recently been thrust into the spotlight of Chinese art scene. The young artist has had various sculpture art exhibitions featured across mainland China, as well as Hong Kong. The sculpture art savant’s primary focus during his fine arts education were sculptures rooted in the classicism, however the sculptor’s passions lie in the Chinese classics which motivated the break from the conventional standards of Ancient Greek and Latin-inspired sculpture classicism.

The young Chinese sculptor, who is barely scraping the surface of his potential, was raised by a literary family that placed a fervent emphasis on traditional Chinese intellectual learning. The father of prodigious sculpture artist was keen on educating his prodigious son in the art of calligraphy at very young age. Today, the virtuoso has honed his mastery in Chinese calligraphy by merging his youth’s foundational teachings together with the art education in his scholarly years in the form of innovating sculpture art. Zheng Lu has shaped a series of innovative installations that examines the intersection between traditional Chinese calligraphy and classicism through staggering sculptures, inspired by the harmony created by the meaning and inscriptions on ancient Chinese bronze sculptures. Zheng applies the wisdom of the text and powerful visual imagery as vehicle to express emptiness — an Eastern philosophy implication that emphasizes the intrinsic beauty of life.

Each of these life-sized sculptures comprise tens of thousands of Chinese characters, each with the intricate detailing that appear smooth and continuous, which seamlessly places itself against the harsh undertone of the stainless steel. All of the detailed Chinese calligraphy in the sculptures draw their inspiration from various Chinese texts and poems, containing anecdotes from long-established Chinese religious teachings and poetry. The characters that compose the stunning sculpture art create a sense of serenity and calm for contemporary critics. A sculpture that distills Zheng Lu’s playful ability to weld intellectual written works with the vividness of visual art is his sculpture that resembles the splashing of water; in this particular piece, lines of the Tang Dynasty’s Bai Juyi, Playing with Water, can be found in the sculpture. Zheng Lu’s reverence for the past provides a foundation for his unconventional technique to his artistic career —only paving the way to a promising future.

Zheng Lu’s unconventional sculptures are what exactly make art and design what it is. We are inspired by Zheng’s unorthodox take on his sculptures that Daza Design hopes to emulate his artistic process in our own online design services.